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moment playing out just a short time ago, right here in the nation’s capitol. Former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura, meeting president trump and Melania at Blair house. This is a moment of unity for our country. And we watched today several other poignant and emotional scenes playing out in the capitol rotunda. Terry Moran, leading us off. Reporter: As dusk fell in Washington, president trump and the first lady arrived at Blair house, where the bush clan is staying. And, there to greet them, president George W. Bush and Laura bush. The four then making their way inside. A rare moment of civic graciousness in America. And it followed a quiet tribute last night. The trumps entering the capitol rotunda, where president bush lies in state, silently paying their respects. And then a crisp salute from the 45th president to the 41st. All this, even more noteworthy given the history between these families. President trump knocked Jeb Bush out of the 2016 campaign. He’s sharply repudiated many policies of president George W. Bush. And, this — in 1988, trump reportedly offered to be the first president bush’s running mate, an offer that went nowhere. But all that was put aside. President trump even sent air force one to Texas to transport George H.W. Bush’s casket to Washington. And, all day today, they filed past. Many wiping away tears, or holding their hands over their hearts. Veterans offering salutes to an American hero. The former CIA chiefs honored their predecessor. Colin Powell and several former military officials from the first gulf war, there to salute their commander in chief. And then, this unforgettable moment. Former senator Bob Dole, 95 years old, wheelchair bound, lifted to his feet. And one final salute to his brother in arms from World War II. Among the crowds, many whose lives are so different because of the Americans with disabilities act, signed into law by president bush. If there’s any president that I want to pay my respects to, it’s the man who helped pass the law that ensures that I have the same freedoms as everyone else. Reporter: And there, too, in the rotunda, sully, the loyal service dog whose friendship with president bush has captured the nation. This has been such a moving 24 hours. Terry joins us now live. We were talking earlier about this moment of unity for our country. We know that Melania trump invited the bush family to the white house today? Reporter: She did. The first lady bringing Laura bush and a whole bunch of bushes to the white house to see the Christmas decorations. All the bushes under the portrait of the late president bush, black draped. Paying tribute there. And Laura bush posting a picture with members of the residence staff. David? Terry, thank you. We’ll see you first thing in the morning for the state funeral. We’ll be joining George and our team for the coverage as our nation honors former president George H.W. Bush at 10:00 A.M., right here.

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