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??? Finally tonight, reflections from an American statesman. You must feel responsibility to others. You must believe in serving others. I think that’s the fundamental tenet of my life. Reporter: It was an extraordinary American life. President George Herbert walker bush, facing triumph and tragedy with modesty, humor, and uncommon grace. Like this moment, when he invited Dana Carvey to the white house. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. Reporter: Inviting Carvey onstage, and saying this. The fact that we can laugh at each other is a fundamental thing. Reporter: His burial instructions are simple. A military song to be played, “Last full measure of devotion,” a plain gravestone with his Navy number on it. And on that stone, a quote dedicated to his late wife, “He loved Barbara very much.” I don’t know where I’d be in life if I wasn’t blessed with a lot of kids, and grandkids, and family, including of course Barbara. Reporter: He was devoted to former first lady Barbara Bush, who died earlier this year at the age of 92. And the last time he sat down with our Diane sawyer, she asked him if he had any idea what heaven might be like. I’ve wondered about it. I do think there’s an afterlife. I do think that you go to heaven. There is a heaven. And I don’t fear it, though. When I was a little guy, I feared death. I’d be — I’d worry about it. I’d be scared. Not anymore. President George H.W. Bush. 94 For tile, wood, and stone, come to the nationwide low-price leader. Floor and Decor. The prices are the lowest you will find. It’s affordable no matter what your budget. I saved a lot of money at Floor and Decor.

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