Time-lapse of US Navy destroyer USS McCain Video

  • Now Playing: Up-close look at gash on tanker that collided with USS John S. McCain

  • Now Playing: Drone flies over waters where USS McCain collided with tanker

  • Now Playing: Men lured roommate to kill him over stolen PlayStation, police say

  • Now Playing: Time-lapse of US Navy destroyer USS McCain

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  • Now Playing: Professors trained to take on school shooters with hockey pucks

  • Now Playing: News headlines today: Nov. 28, 2018

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump: Access to technology ‘opens up a universe’ to students

  • Now Playing: House fire kills 6, including 4 children

  • Now Playing: High school football players face life in prison for alleged hazing

  • Now Playing: Major storm to bring snow and rain to West Coast

  • Now Playing: Here’s why a New Jersey middle school teacher is wearing the same dress for 100 days

  • Now Playing: Snow from highway overpass shatters windshield

  • Now Playing: 3 US troops killed, 3 wounded by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

  • Now Playing: Investigators find body while searching for missing 13-year-old Hania Aguilar

  • Now Playing: American injured during hang-gliding adventure in Switzerland

  • Now Playing: Kindergartners choose their morning greeting in Wisconsin

  • Now Playing: Video shows teacher calming pit bull after school attack

  • Now Playing: Deadly shooting in Pennsylvania

  • Now Playing: Number of cases of AFM nearly doubled in the last month: CDC

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