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Ask a financial advisor about Pacific Life. Teenage girl in north Carolina. Investigators have recovered a stolen SUV. They’re now searching for a man seen on surveillance. Here’s ABC’s linsey Davis tonight. Reporter: Tonight, police say the stolen SUV used to kidnap hania Aguilar found in a vacant lot, 9 miles away from the rosewood mobile home park where she was abducted Monday morning. This is one piece which is going to lead us to hopefully the rest of the puzzle. Reporter: Police are asking for the public’s help identifying this man, spotted walking toward the girl’s home shortly before she vanished from her front yard as she waited to go to school. This is actually the only individual who we saw out walking at that time of day, in this part of the neighborhood. Reporter: Police say a witness told them a man wearing all black, with a yellow bandana, forced the girl into her family’s green SUV and drove away. The FBI is not calling the man in the video a person of interest, but they do say they want to talk to him, David. Linsey, thank you.

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