Pipe bombs delivered to Democratic leaders Video

  • Now Playing: POTUS speaks out on bomb scares

  • Now Playing: Experts say political climate has become too heated

  • Now Playing: Pipe bombs delivered to Democratic leaders

  • Now Playing: FBI intercepts suspicious packages sent to prominent political figures and CNN

  • Now Playing: Panning for gold in the Yukon with the men of ‘Gold Rush’

  • Now Playing: What to know about the suspicious packages delivered to Clinton, Obama, CNN and more

  • Now Playing: FDA approves new flu medication in the form of a single-dose pill

  • Now Playing: Mega Millions scores big for mini-mart owner

  • Now Playing: A military Humvee falling from sky in NC

  • Now Playing: Deadly shooting at Kroger store in KY

  • Now Playing: 7-year-old scores golden ticket to American Idol

  • Now Playing: Megyn Kelly apologizes for blackface remarks

  • Now Playing: FL girls plan to kill classmates thwarted: Police

  • Now Playing: 7th child dies from outbreak at NJ rehabilitation center

  • Now Playing: Massive law enforcement response to bomb threats

  • Now Playing: Mail bomb spree spreads fear throughout the country

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Suspicious packages found across the country

  • Now Playing: Judge ditches robe, chases inmates who tried to escape from court

  • Now Playing: Judge chases 2 inmates attempting to escape his courtroom

  • Now Playing: Search for missing teen intensifies

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